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Project Details & Gallery

Time Guards: Göbeklitepe was created as an arcade adventure mobile game with action puzzles. In addition to the coverage of Göbeklitepe archaeological site through out the game, settings from Cappadocia and Basilica Cistern, Istanbul were also included, allowing the user to interact with the historical site and its artifacts, digitally. 

Time Guards is a teenager hero team. They utilise their high-tech gadgets to solve mysteries and time-crime. They explore, solve puzzles and fight against enemies. They can also pass through time portals and travel to different time and places. The villain: Commander Kronos, steals ancient artifacts, because his evil technology runs on the precious artifacts of lost civilizations. If the Commander is successful, all of humanity would be enslaved by him. Time Guards' main goals are to rescue the artifacts in order to protect Göbeklitepe; defeat the robot army and juggernauts of Commander Kronos, collect the stolen pieces and place them back to the temple.

Within the scope of the Göbeklitepe sponsorship project, our goal was to introduce the archaeological site to the world. On the other hand, as a result of a conducted research study, we found out that the corporation I worked for did not have a strong connection with the young population in the country. In order to address both of these issues, I initiated this mobile game project which included Göbeklitepe and targeted to children. I achieved to raise the budget needed by pitching the project idea to the executive directors, and recruited the service providers.

My main role was to conduct the project administration, including planning, budgeting and monitoring progress, and coordinate the overseas service providers located in England, Spain and Denmark. I kept the communication in between all the stakeholders and supervised the design and production process. I was responsible for negotiating with the investor company to supply the resources needed for the production team to be able to continue its work. I also conducted research in National Geographic Society, and regularly consulted the Ministry of Culture in order to supply content and reliable historical information for the game. Additionally, I was responsible for creating the brand identity and planning marketing and distribution.

Below, you may find a gallery of visuals from the mobile game project. Please contact me if you require any additional information.

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