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Totem Island | Game Design Portfolio

Totem Island is a chill rock stacking/balancing game with animated environment build for touchscreen (iPad), but also can be played on web browser. The game characters are a small community of pebbles living in an imaginary tropical island. Player stacks and tries to balance the pebbles on top of each other, erecting totems to trigger natural incidents, such as volcano eruption, rainy storm, tornado with autumn leaves, snowy Christmas and Tsunami. Each stacking combination awakens a different reaction from the habitat. Pebbles make silly facial expressions when they are touched. If they can stay balanced for a couple of seconds, the player is rewarded with colorful marbles falling out of the sky. If the player can win six of the marbles, then the game is complete. It is a small, tactile game with cute and funny aesthetics, however balancing the pebbles is much more challenging then expected!

In the first slideshow below, you will see photos of the game is being played on iPads during London College of Communication Post-Graduate Show, and in the second slideshow you may read thorough the game's basic design portfolio:

Game Design Portfolio:


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