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Project Management


  • Initiated and managed the mobile game project targeted to children 

  • Created a 2.5D arcade adventure mobile game with action puzzles and educational content, working together with the overseas solution partners 

  • The game aimed to generate curiosity for archaeological sites, and motivate children via entertainment to research and explore more about the world heritage. The mobile game project was in the scope of sponsorship of Göbeklitepe archaeological site and its introduction globally.

  • The game demo was presented during the Göbeklitepe Gala Event at World Economic Forum 2016 in Davos, Switzerland. 

Brand Value Creation


  • Conducted the joint creations with National Geographic, concerning Göbeklitepe archaeological site, and created two short documentary films

  • Managed the research and production process of the films, working closely with the team at National Geographic Society in Washington D.C.

  • Coordinated the consultation to the Turkish Ministry of Culture regarding the reliability of the historical information and visual content

  • The video above is a "trailer" of the short documentary film which can be seen at the visitor center of Göbeklitepe in Urfa, Turkey. The premiere of the short documentary film was presented during the Göbeklitepe Gala Event at World Economic Forum 2016 in Davos, Switzerland.

Marketing Communication


  • Published an animated TV advertisement for the "Stay in the Game" corporate social responsibility project

  • Briefed the creative agency, coordinated the production process and distribution

  • "Stay in the Game" organised events and festivals with the objective to encourage students to team up, play basketball, and raised awareness to keep the youth away from bad habits.

Perception Strategy


  • At the end of 2013, Dogus Group decided to renew its image in order to appeal more to its customer profile. As the Brand, Perception and Intangible Asset Management Department we worked to construct the perception strategy, and planned the rebranding process. The perception management of the corporation also included conducting research for measuring the brand value, initiating brand-new corporate social responsibility projects and forming the new brand identity and visual expression.

  • Dogus Group is one of the top three largest private-sector conglomerates in Turkey, with a portfolio of 250 companies which operate in 8 different sectors. During the rebranding process, we were to consider the positioning of all the sectors and the organisational structures within.

  • It was a comprehensive process that required teamwork. We completed the rebranding of the corporation in June 2016, and launched the new brand ID. 

Brand Management


  • Executed brand workshops for companies and recently initiated projects, in order to identify their values and standing. 

  • Utilised the findings from the workshops to construct brand plans. 

  • Presented the brand strategy documents to the creative agencies, and briefed them to generate the visual expression of the advisee organisation. 

Content Management


  • Founded the perception strategy platform with my college professor, and helped him create the content and services offered by the platform 

  • Organised the content, created and published the websites

  • Conducted researches, and assisted the consultancy services and seminars

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